Thursday, April 21, 2011

the latest at ReadyGo

We have been real busy at ReadyGo. For the last 10 years our tool has worked on mobile devices. The thing is, with the proliferation of SmartPhones and Tablets, mobile devices have changed drastically. Moreover we are using mobile device differently now then we did just two years ago. ReadyGo has followed this change in the market by updating our ReadyGo WCB software so that it supports e-Learning and m-Learning. Using the ReadyGo WCB software tool, course creators can produce one course that works on all computers, all tablets, and all SmartPhones. It’s as simple as 1. download ReadyGo WCB e-Learning and m-Learning software, 2. Enter your content, 3. Choose your template, 4. Post your course to your internet or intranet web site or use ReadyGo’s hosting services.

To facilitate the move to a mobile world ReadyGo has produced a number of templates that have been designed to work well and look sleek on ALL SmartPhones and Tablets in both portrait and landscape mode, touch and tracking. Our latest additional is Dual-Templates. Dual-Templates allow the same course to appear properly in different devices with different formats. ReadyGo’s web site is designed using a Dual-Template. View our web site in a PC or a SmartPhone and see how the same content is presented in a manor appropriate for the different device.

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