Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feminism Today

This is the best time and we are living in the best place to be women.  Women have more opportunities, more choices today then any time leading up to today.  That said; there still changes we need to make in our culture so that women have equal protection and equal access.  I relate with Melisa Mayer when she says she is not a feminist.  Women in the 1960 did not relate to being a suffragette.  The issues of the 1910’s -- 50 years prior -- were not relevant to the women of the 1960.  Today’s women does not relate to the label “feminist” because the issues of 50 years ago do not relate to their life today.   When I think of feminism I think of burn the bra, anger, and driving for access and having a voice; Access to education, access to women’s health care, and access to jobs.  Today’s issues are different.  The feminism of 50 years ago gave women access to education, child care, medical care, and job availability.  Feminism of 50 years ago changed men.  Today’s man has a very different attitude compared to men of the 1960’s.  Most workplaces today have women at many levels within the organization.  Married men today are much more involved with their children and take on many more chores then the men of the 1960.  This doesn’t mean that for many women and men their work and home life is equal.  The bar has moved, it still needs to move farther. What we need today, is to come out with a new label that helps us to better describe today’s women’s issues without the baggage of the old label feminism.  

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